For a flexible flooring solution, choose vinyl!

For a flexible flooring solution, choose vinyl!

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Vinyl is an ideal flooring solution for homes and businesses that require a flexible, easy to clean surface. Vinyl sheet flooring is one of the least expensive options on the market and can be used in any climate and on any floor level, including below grade. Vinyl is a resin based flooring, and can be either surface printed with a pattern or embedded with tiny particles of color. Vinyl floor tiles may come with an adhesive backing or be applied with a special glue. Vinyl sheet flooring is almost always glued down; a heavy roller is used to press out air, remove wrinkles and provide even adhesion.

Rooms Where Vinyl Flooring is Used

Vinyl sheet flooring is commonly used in entries, kitchens and occasionally in bathrooms. Vinyl tile flooring is appropriate for laundry rooms, workrooms and offices. For living areas or when a slightly higher end look is desired, Vinyl plank flooring that mimics Cherry, Oak, Pine or Walnut wood flooring can be used.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

The main advantage of vinyl flooring is its price and flexibility. Where carpet is not an option and tile may crack or fracture, vinyl offers the perfect solution. It can be installed over clean concrete or a properly prepped wooden sub-floor. Vinyl plank flooring has lip and seam construction with adhesive strips that interlock. This results in a floating floor underneath which a cushioning underlayment and/or a radiant underfloor heating system can be installed.

What to Consider When Purchasing Vinyl Flooring

Installed properly, vinyl can last for years. The thickness of the sheets of vinyl floor tiles determines how resistant the flooring is to tearing, scuffing or wear. Precautions must be taken to prevent moisture seeping under the vinyl by sealing the edges to the floor with an epoxy based caulk. Vinyl should not normally be used outdoors, as the adhesive will not hold up to weather and the sun will cause fading. The experts at Carpet Mill Outlet USA can help you decide if vinyl sheet flooring or vinyl tiles are an appropriate choice for your home or office, and can introduce you to the many colors, textures and styles available.